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An Unstoppable Mentoring Movement!

Not even a global pandemic can stop what God is doing in and through the next generation!

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought much of life as we know it to a halt, through your prayers and support and the faithful commitment of Ranger leaders around the world the call to reach and mentoring the next generation for Jesus Christ has boldly marched on!

Throughout the world we saw leaders pivot their methods to continue effective mentoring even while social distancing. Whether moving weekly meetings to parks, online or employing other divinely inspired ideas, leaders around the world refused to let social distancing become relational distancing! We even had the opportunity to participate in meetings and trainings in Singapore, Curacao, Central/South America and with various groups across the US!

Your faithful partnership has also allowed us to continue to develop life-changing resources for mentoring the next generation! Leaders in Macedonia have moved quickly to translate the global curriculum in their language and have already begun training new leaders there! The Swahili translation has passed the 50% mark and keeps moving forward. Altogether we are overseeing 12 translation projects that will make these premier mentoring resources available to children and youth worldwide. Additionally, the Royal Rangers International team has been able to see this ministry being the launch process in 3 new nations including Antigua and Bangladesh!

Even now, as the world begins to open back up, we are coming out of this season more prepared and with stronger vision for this global mentoring movement than ever before. We are developing a complete online leadership training to help us prepare leaders in every corner of the world. We are continuing to refine our curriculum to equip leaders to reach children regardless of culture, background, or learning disability. All of this and more is only possible because of YOUR are faithful in prayers and support! THANK YOU for partnering with us to launch this unstoppable global mentoring movement for Jesus Christ!


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