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The Next Level

Ever wondered why a missionary would pursue a Masters of Education degree? You aren't alone!

If you've seen any recent posts from The Crew or read a recent newsletter, you will likely be aware that over the last year Jeremiah has begun pursuing a Masters of Education. He began this journey in the summer of 2020 through Southwestern Assemblies of God University's (SAGU) distance education graduate program. Lord willing, he will complete the program in December of this year.

While this is exciting news to share, you may be wondering why a missionary would need a masters of education. What does that have to do with your ministry? We are so glad you asked!

In a word, EXCELLENCE. We want to continue striving for the next level of excellence in our global curriculum so we can fully equip the church to reach more children and youth than ever, more effectively than ever. That excellence requires knowing more about learning styles, curriculum development, educational modifications, teaching students from diverse cultures, classroom management, and other effective teaching and curriculum resources. In pursuing this degree we are equipping ourselves to continue to develop the global curriculum, develop global curriculum committees and and train a global army of next generation mentors for Jesus Christ.

Will you pray with us that God will continue to guide this educational journey and that through this pursuit of excellence we would see a generation reached and mentored to be life-long, Christ-like servant leaders?


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